Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back in action!

Long time no blog entry, well I'm back in action!
Last couple of months have been crazy busy, a big paper to write for my studies, lot's of Sverok work, been on two of the mayor gaming conventions in Sweden (Gothcon and Lincon), and I've met a very special someone.
So it's no surprise I've not done a lot of hobby related stuff.
I did demo play a lot of Eden at Lincon though, it was lot's of fun and people really seams to enjoy the game, the simplicity of the rules combined with a highly tactically game and the resource management aspects is hitting home.
It is quickly becoming one of my favorite games! :)

Well now it's vacation times, and I've had a couple of days without anything to do, so I finally started working on my Eden board.
I started of with a foam board and glued it to a wooden board. Once it had dried I nailed/glued some frames to the sides for some extra protection.
Then it's time to work out some textures.
Looks like this.
And once I was done it looked like this.

I did the base for a house (kiosk) and it's secret cellar.

Then I started to do a little more details, a drain under the road and some more landscaping ( bigger rocks etc)

And finally I glued a mixture of 50/50 sand/dirt to the board, once this was dry I sealed it wit a mixture of PVA glue and water. Right now I'm waiting for this to dry, which will probably take around 3-4 houres minimum. 

More to come soon, over and out! 

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