Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back in action!

Long time no blog entry, well I'm back in action!
Last couple of months have been crazy busy, a big paper to write for my studies, lot's of Sverok work, been on two of the mayor gaming conventions in Sweden (Gothcon and Lincon), and I've met a very special someone.
So it's no surprise I've not done a lot of hobby related stuff.
I did demo play a lot of Eden at Lincon though, it was lot's of fun and people really seams to enjoy the game, the simplicity of the rules combined with a highly tactically game and the resource management aspects is hitting home.
It is quickly becoming one of my favorite games! :)

Well now it's vacation times, and I've had a couple of days without anything to do, so I finally started working on my Eden board.
I started of with a foam board and glued it to a wooden board. Once it had dried I nailed/glued some frames to the sides for some extra protection.
Then it's time to work out some textures.
Looks like this.
And once I was done it looked like this.

I did the base for a house (kiosk) and it's secret cellar.

Then I started to do a little more details, a drain under the road and some more landscaping ( bigger rocks etc)

And finally I glued a mixture of 50/50 sand/dirt to the board, once this was dry I sealed it wit a mixture of PVA glue and water. Right now I'm waiting for this to dry, which will probably take around 3-4 houres minimum. 

More to come soon, over and out! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More Eden news!

Berf, one of the Eden crew has started translate the Eden fluff to English.
It's up on the Taban forum now, check it out!
First up is the story behind the Bamaka clan.


So I've started Painting my Resistance crew.
I must say the miniatures in this box are lovely, crisp details and much character on all of them.
So far my goal has been to finish two 70 points crews I can use for some demo gaming this weekend. As I've mentioned earlier I'm visiting a Swedish gaming convention called Calcon, it's a nice little con with about 200 participants, and I've been visiting it for the last 5-6 years or so.
Anyway, three of the four minis of the 70 crew is done.
I think they turned out ok, first try of sourced light so hopefully the next bunch will be a bit better^^

So hopefully I get the forth one finished this week, she's about 50% done right now so it shouldn't be to hard. I'll try to get some pics of her before this weekend, but if not, expect quite a few updates next week^^

Until then, watch out for nukes!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

This is just a tribute!

As a tribute to my almighty new blog my friend Martijn Nas a.k.a Squiggoth (from random forums out there on the inter webs) made me this awesome picture. It's supposed to be the mighty Cassarus, the Swedish viking ranting about everything geeky and there for very important^^

So my tribute to Squiggy will be a lovely song, so enjoy this "old classic"  Tribute by Tenacious D!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So recently I picked up my first Eden miniatures from Taban miniatures. I've had my eyes on them for a while and I really liked there stuff. But when I found out that you can download all the minis cards and the full (34 page) rule book from there home page I couldn't resist.
I've not tried the rules out yet, but they seams really nice ans simple, it's a mission driven small skirmish game where you need 3-6 miniatures to play a full game.
I plan to try it out next week with some friends, and I will probably do some demo gaming at a Swedish gaming convention next weekend.
So far I've painted 4 Clowns from the joker gang, and 2 members of the resistance. No pictures of the resistance yet, but here is my first Jokers.

I,ve repainted some details on the jester looking fellow so now he looks like this.

That's all for now, Cheers!

It's a brave new world!

So I finally fell for it and got my first blog.
In this blog you'll read about all my geeky endeavors, so all sort of games, card, miniatures, board and so on. Random reviews and the occasional rant.
I might even recommend some sort of thematic music if the mood strikes me.
Yeah, so watch this space, eventually something interesting might just show up^^